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Cocopeat or Coirpith is a byproduct in the processing of coconut husk to obtain coconut fiber. It is estimated that the coir fibre production in the world is 250,000 tones. Similar or more volume of coir pith or cocopeat is produced in the industry which is usable as a growing media in the horticulture and agriculture farming.

Whilst India is the major manufacturer of coir fibre, Sri Lanka is the main manufacturer or supplier of coir pith/ cocopeat.

Cocopeat is mainly produced using dry coconut husks. Normally coir pith is high in sodium and potassium, treatment is required to be fit with the condition for plant growth. This by product is environmental friendly and therefore having high demand in Europe, USA, China, Japan and some other industrialized countries specially for farming and greenhouse cultivation as substrates. Compressed products enables the high volume of product shipment and hold more water when in use in the farming.

Coir Substrates. “Urban Agriculture” is a modern concept which enables people farming in a small space. Coir substrates such as grow bag, 5kg coco bale, 650g brickets, open top bags, coco disk, coco peat rice pad.

Specially Designed Agricultural and Horticultural grow media/ products.

Food shortage is going to be a severe problem in the future due to some extreme weather conditions. On the other hand harmful chemicals

Green Houses : Building  Green houses in any part of the country is also under taken by jpcoco

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We are distributing a big variety of products such as Cocopeat Grow Bags, Open Top Planter Bag, Neasuary Pad, Plant Starter Cocopeat Disc, Cocopeat Bale (3Kg – 5Kg), Cocopeat Briquette (500g- 650g), Cocopeat Potting Soil Bag, Green Grass Pads, Padding Pad and more.

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