About Us

With a theme “ We design as you desire”, JPCOCOPEAT is a team to manufacture high quality value added products in the industry. Our new value added products are patented and unique where you can’t find them anywhere in the world.

With more than 20 years experience in the industry and with 3 product development factories, we are ready to meet orders of high volumes.

The unique features of JPcocopeat are product designing and manufacturing capacity, according to the buyer’s requirements. We are well known for this capability in the industry.

Product Designing

We have the capability of designing and manufacturing of products according to the buyer requirement where 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Green Houses

We are engineering green houses across the country, with irrigation systems. We have all success stories in the tropical climate in low country and hill country farms. Fungicidal attacks are the most significant concerns in organic farming and our high quality green houses with high standard products ensures the protection against such treats.

Stuff We Do Best

Products Variety: 90%
Fast Delivery Services: 88%
Packaging: 75%
Product Designing: 75%