How to use?

How to use open top planter bag

  1. Open the packets add 3 liters of water to each bag. Let to settle for about ½ an hour an add 2 liters of water more to the content inside to loosen the bottom of the bag.
  2. Preparation of Bio-Fertilizer mixture,
    • Add the provided 25 ml bio fertilizer solution in to 2 liters or 4 liters of water where applicable.
  3. Add above mentioned fertilizer mixture to the said planter bag (to the top surface of the coir media) evenly.
  4. Prepared bags have to be kept for 2-3 days to settle the fertilizer and grow media. Then pot the plants and add ½ a cup of water to the bag. Medium sized plants with the height of 5-7 inches will give you the faster results.
  5. 70% of the sunlight is essential for the plant growth.
  6. Add ½ liter of water after 2 days from planting.
  7. If the bag is to place open to direct sunlight or rain, the bag should have holes within the bag where there are printed cuts.
  8. The planter bag and grow media itself contains fertilizer for 30-45 days. Organic or inorganic fertilizer can be added after the said period.
  9. The planter bag can be used for planting vegetables such as brinjals, ladies fingers, cabbage, onion, knokol, beats, avara and other leaves.
  10. 75% of the fertilizer which may be used in the conventional farming is saved here as 25% of the same is enough for the cultivation.
  11. Kitchen waste water can also be added to the plant.
  12. The bag is treated with Ultra Violet and therefore reusable for 2 years.
  13. For maximum results, please follow the instructions given above.

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